A network of Individuals, Enterpreneurs, Organizations and Groups coming together to empower and support each other to develop and implement innovative, effective, sustainable solutions.

WE Build Networks

Central to the PATRIOTS Network is the belief that networked individuals social entrepreneurs,organizations and groups are invaluable partners in planning and implementing community and economic development projects.

Community-based networks have the cultural competency and understanding of local needs that are essential in creating meaningful community-building initiatives.

WE Provide Training & Capacity Building

WE Offer Financial Assistance


There has never been a better time to crowd-fund. The ‘alternative finance’ market has doubled in the past year and this pace is expected to continue throughout 2016, according to research by Nesta. In fact, crowdfunding became so established in the last 12 months that the word was finally accepted into the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2015. The PATRIOTS Network considers crowdfunding an important strategy. Nothing better symbolizes entrepreneurship than fundraising.  Social entrepreneurs are no different.  Today, there are a host of on-line resources for crowdfunding that social entrepreneurs can use to fund their projects, films, books, and social ventures.


Leaders in education, business, and government agree that “soft skills” training is one of the missing links contributing to today’s talent gap. Why invest in life skills? It came out of research and data that life skills are an important ingredient to successful entrepreneurship (especially for social enterprise). However, such programming is often scattered, insufficient or non-existent, leaving too many people unprepared to handle Job's how much more for social enterprises. So The PATRIOTS Network will help build and develop a curriculum to assist our members and partners through mentorship programs that will help them succeed in these projects.